Meagan Good

Meagan Good is a famous American actress. She has been featured in a variety of television shows, feature films as well as music videos. Born in California and began acting at the tender age of four. She appeared in a variety of shows on television before making her debut on the large screen. After making a splash as a sexually charged teen in 1997's Eve's Bayou, she landed a recurring role in the comedy Cousin Skeeter. An enthralling and skilled actor, she was able to effortlessly transition between adult and child. Her roles varied from a wide range of roles throughout her career. They included a schoolgirl who spy, professional dancer (in 'Stomp the Yard'), a femme fatale in the film noir neo-noir Brick and also an officer on The NBC program Deception. The character is not as dependent on her attractive physical appearance to convey an image and is more reliant on her wit and acting skills. Meagan 2 Meagan Meagan Meagan Meagan


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