Dolly Parton, born Jan. 19th, 1946 in Locust Ridge Tenn. to a family of 12 poor children that would be raised with them eventually. She learned early on how to conquer of her difficulties through her vibrant and vivid imagination. Before she learned to write or read, she was making up the songs she wrote herself. Once she had her first guitar at age 8, she started to play on local radio stations from Knoxville, Tennessee. In the same time, Gold Band Records was a tiny independent record label. While she was at school, she already made a name of herself on the local scene. However, her goal was to be able to perform at a much greater level. When she graduated from the high school in 1964, she immediately moved to Nashville. Dumb Blonde (1967) and Something Fishy (1968) were her two first charting albums from Monument Records. Porter Wagoner's syndicated tv show needed an additional singer around this time. Parton was hired in the year 1966. She joined RCA Records in 1968, and then the Grand Ole Opry was founded in 1969. The show ended in 1974, as her own albums like Joshua Coat of Many Colors and Jolene had begun charting their collaborative efforts. Parton's hit song, I'll Never Be Loved by You (for Wagoner), hit the No. #1 spot following their separated. The song of Parton in 1974."I Will Always Love You" reached the No.

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