Sara and Lorraine

Sara Lynn Evans was born on February 5, 1971. She grew up on a farm near New Franklin Missouri as the youngest of seven kids. Music has always been a aspect of her life, and at the age of five she was singing every weekend in her family's group. When she was 16, she was hired to perform in a Columbia Missouri nightclub for a 2 year period. In 1991, Sara moved from Missouri to Nashville Tennessee with the intention of becoming a Country Artist. Songwriter Harlan Howard heard Sara as she sung a demo of one of his tracks Tiger By the Tail at County Q Studios and decided she should sing his music. She was signed to RCA. In 1997 Evans came out with her debut album Three Chords and the Truth. It was well-received by critics as it was one of many in their list of the most popular albums of 1997. It was not able to catch on with country radio that time, and no among the singles entered the top 40. Lorraine Bracco..................... Lorraine Bracco is an American actress, known for her notable performance in the television series. The Sopranos. Her professional career started out in the form of a model and models in France when she moved to France from Long Island, New York. In the following years, she was employed as a DJ at the radio station Luxembourg. In the late 1970s her debut feature film was released. She then appeared in two other French feature-length films. She returned to Hollywood after a couple of years to pursue the dream of a Hollywood career. Goodfellas gave her the most Hollywood success. The film was rewarded by numerous prestigious awards among them an Academy Award. Her career began in feature film, then moved to TV and enjoyed great popularity.

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